Who Are We

General Development Services LLC, an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 certified company, has bestowed its services into 70% of Oman’s greenery. Established in the year 1981, the shareholders and the senior management had pledged to thrive for generations through hard work and performing due diligence. Our mission and vision to give life to the dry arid desert of Oman, with an enthralling and sustainable green evolution, has also enabled employment opportunity to several Omani nationals across the country.

Our Governance

Our diversified exposure to the horticulture industry and the involvement of every individual in GDS LLC, has allowed the organization to establish itself as the largest, and one of the most versatile landscaping contractors with multiple other operations across the governorates. Moreover, our horticulturists with decades of expertise in the GCC region provide regionally responsive irrigation & cultivation methods to successfully execute each project undertaken.

Our senior management are the pioneers for the effective execution of each project and own their delegated responsibility. The sturdiness and steadiness of the experienced architects, engineers, and maintenance staffs in each domain indulge with each other in a synchronized manner to ensure the success of various projects being executed by us.


Our design concepts are niche oriented and innovative, with the same quality of services provided irrespective of the magnitude of work.


Every employee is trained for their safety and they own the pride for each work delivered with agility, quality and punctuality.

Customer Satisfaction

We ensure that our clients are satisfied by successfully delivering all projects to the best of our abilities.


Our staff is professionally trained in their respective domains. They stand strong in the regional ethics and are strictly professional.


Our effective execution and efficient workmanship in the last 40 years has matched the demand to global standards.


GDS provides free consultations for various projects, and provided vocational training, employment opportunities and on-job training for fresh graduates.