GDS LLC’s Maintenance Division has built a reputation as a professional organization providing “best value” and an exemplary quality service. From parks, palaces, hotel resorts, residential developments, schools, sports clubs, and public highways to smaller residential gardens, we apply the same care and attention on which we have built our reputation for reliability and service excellence. Our Services include Maintenance of grass (sports turf, fine turf, and general lawns), trees, palms, shrubs, ground cover, seasonal flowers, irrigation systems & hard landscape surfaces. An essential part of our service is developing a customised maintenance plan to ensure the sustainability of the landscape asset. We have partnered and developed our reputation with many of the major regional developers, and are able to offer these maintenance services as part of GDS LLC’s complete landscape solution. Residential Maintenance Program Our maintenance division has designed, two outstanding programs for those who expect proper horticultural care of their exterior landscape.
Started in 1994, GDS LLC’s Pest Control Division has been working with various hotels, resorts, ministries, and commercial offices and residential clients to provide solutions that guarantee to get rid of any pest problems in our vicinity. We offer customized services that suit the client’s needs using environment friendly products. We Offer
    • Full services with regards to pest control, be it control of roaches, rodents, flying pests, household ants, silverfish, earwigs, centipedes, crickets, millipedes, scorpions, snakes, sow bugs, wild bees, bed bugs, termites and house spiders to name a few.
  • Customized pest control plans to suit your needs and requirements for commercial and residential area.
  • Eradicate the unwanted bugs found in your surroundings be at home, or commercial outfit thus protecting your environment in which you live.
  • Pre-construction treatment which is done at the time of construction.
  • Post-construction treatment if termites are seen at a later stage.
  • Spot or localized treatment for the initial control, once seen.
  • Sanitation of water tanks, garden pest control and odor control.
We offer Cleaning and Maintenance for any interior premises to provide a hygienic environment. Our fully equipped and professional staff will ensure that your space is dust free and clean to live in a healthy and safe environment. For Residential Sectors
  • Shampooing of carpets, sofas, upholstery, cleaning of floors, windows, and carpets to make your house sparkle.
  • An efficient and professional cleaning service makes sure that your house germ free, clean, and tidy to welcome your guests, and makes it less prone to unwanted guest.
For commercial sectors
      • We are committed to provide exceptional cleaning services for buildings, offices, schools and other hospitality and commercial sector for a clean and well-kept premise.
    • Exterior glass cleaning requires professional exterior glass cleaning services by highly experienced and trained for the same purpose
    • Our glass and window cleaning services are available for buildings, residential and commercial sectors for your view through a crystal-clear screen.
    • Different glass finishes require different kinds of cleaning agents, to ensure bright surface.