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Landscape Design & Construction

Increase your property value.
 Protect your lawn and property.
 Creates a healthier home by filtering pollutants.
 Creates green buffer zones to increase the liveability of our communities.
 Local noise and heat reduction.
 Attractive environment for entertaining and relaxing.
 Reduction of storm water runoff reducing local flooding.
 Control temperature extremes, stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
 Erosion control reducing loss of soils in waterways.

We are consistently pioneering and have successfully executed multiple environment friendly landscape design and consultancy services. Our creative team,experienced with the harsh weather conditions of the GCC, is proficient to solve the issues, and to sustain the design with effective usage of native plants.

A team of vivacious artists and creative landscape designers from our studio in Muscat have played a major role in design, construction, and installation of soft and hard landscape across the country.

What we do

Highly skilled design & consultancy services.
Turf installation & multipurpose turfs, golf courses.
Parks, playgrounds & recreational ambience upscaling.
Highways, pathways, urban plazas.
Eco hotels.
Government entities, embassies, & hospital ambience.
Reduction in evaporation and soil degradation.


Home garden
Golf course
Public parks
Agriculture farm
Playground and pitches
Provides greater certainty with production, than is possible with dryland farming.
Provides options for diversification or intensification.
Allows farmers to grow more pasture and increase livestock production.
Allows farmers to maintain pasture quality, over a critical dry period.
Ensures crops are not affected by moisture stress at critical growing times.
Provides greater opportunity to gain a pasture / crop response to fertiliser application.

We are one of the finest and highly recommended Irrigation Contractors in the Sultanate of Oman, capable of successfully completing turnkey projects of various scales, starting from small individual villas to complex commercial projects. For instance, our workmanship at Oman’s Airport infrastructure which includes SCADA integration and Irrigation pump station with VFD (variable frequency drive), and PLC (programmable Logic control) monitoring system shows the scale of quality execution by our irrigation team.

We are certified professionals dedicated to brainstorming the most efficient design and commissioning the irrigation system within the given time and budget. Our experts design the system based on the client’s requirements ranging from an ordinary manual controlled system to the most sophisticated irrigation systems.

In addition, we are the distributors for one of the biggest manufacturers of irrigation sprinklers, Perrot® from Germany. We have established many football grounds in the Sultanate of Oman, with PERROT 12 sprinklers that for years have given excellent performance with quality and low maintenance requirements. In addition, our team is familiar with working with various other irrigation systems and manufacturers depending on the client and project needs.
What we do
We are distributors for one of the biggest manufacturers of Irrigation Sprinklers Perrot from Germany. We have established many football grounds in the Sultanate of Oman, with PERROT 12 sprinklers design, and for over years they have given excellent performance with quality, installation and backup services. Yet another expert partner in the field of irrigation is Hunter

GDS LLC, believe It’s more than just products, it’s people and partnership. Hunter gives you all the tools you need to succeed and grow your business.