GDS LLC’s Civil Division specializes in large scale civil construction projects for builders, government bodies, developers, architects, and contractors. We are expert managers with more than 30 years of experience successfully completing high quality hardscape projects throughout the Sultanate of Oman. Our team comprises of a core group of specialists, who oversee each hardscape construction project from concept to completion. Our holistic approach ensures to maintain a sustainable quality of work within the agreed time frames.


  • Excavating and removing existing concrete and rocks.
  • Constructing roadways and pathways.
  • Building sandstone walls.
  • Resurfacing, Replanting.
  • Reconstruction of gabion walls.
  • Extend your home with good space and pathways.
  • Your property value increases many times initial value.
  • The Garden and other spaces beauty that improvement.
  • Sandstone works including paving and pathways
GDS LLChas undoubtedly contributed several innovative ideas based on the interaction with every client. Apart from large commercial fountains, we have successfully handed over various small scale domestic water features for homeowners. We are fully equipped with stocks, assembling and technical staff to design, build and operate water features ranging from large scale outdoor fountains to small domestic water features. Ace your aesthetics with functional and capable water features adding a welcoming approach to the existing ambience forthe outdoors. Our MEP, and Civil Divisions can design and install diversified water feature requirements.


  • Construction of water Features at Bank Muscat Head office.
  • Construction of water features at multiple hotels and resorts across Oman.
  • Construction of Water Falls and Beautification of Surrounding Area at Wadi –Adai.
  • Construction of Water Falls and beautification of surrounding area at Muscat and Salalah Airport interchange.
  • Supply and Installation of fountains and Water features at Toyota & Lexus showroom.
  • Supply and Installation of Musical fountains at SAHWAH Garden Fountain.
GDS is committed to the economic well being of it’s society with available resources. We strive to contribute with our best of services when it comes to Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. We encompass the entire landscape design and construction system with our intellectuality and designed planning, decision making, accurate documentation, performance- and cost-estimation, construction, and operating/maintaining the constructed facilities. Our engineers working in the MEP field understand the broad range of disciplines, including fluid dynamics, mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, electricity, and wide range of other services.